Tambahan Data Untuk Pengguna MaxisONE

Morten Lundal Umum Tambahan Data Pengguna Maxis ONEPLAN
Morten Lundal Umum Tambahan Data Pengguna Maxis ONEPLAN
Morten Lundal Umum Tambahan Data Pengguna Maxis ONEPLAN || Beberapa hari ni viral dimedia sosial , ekoran kemarahan customer sebab MAXIS tak adil yang viral dari forum  .  Maxis bagi tawaran spesial harga  kepada pelanggan yang merancang untuk tukar rangkaian. Harga yang lebih murah daripada apa yang dibayar oleh pelanggan maxis yang lain. Sama-sama guna tapi si A dapat harga yang lebih murah . HUH ! kalau jadi kat kalian , memang la akan marah .

Mengapa bayar lebih mahal untuk pelan lain yang murah dan lebih baik dari sekarang ? 

Banyak customer maxis yang telah bertukar ke pelan Celcom First Gold 80 , lebih murah dan lebih berbaloi . 10GB data , call dan sms unlimited free kesemua rangkaian . Juga tiada kontrak . Baca selebihnya  di : CELCOM FIRST GOLD UNLIMITED CALL + Internet 10 GB
rujuk gambar dibawah .

Nah... selepas dihentam teruk dimedia sosial... Morten Lundal meminta maaf .Maxis akan bagi extra data GB untuk pengguna MaxisOne bermula minggu depan .., Kalau sebelum ini 1Gb , akan bertukar ke 5GB dan kalau sebelum ini 3 GB .. kini bertukar jadi 8GB  kata Dushyanthan . Tiada pilih kasih lagi. Tapi akan diberikan secara bertahap.

Hmm.. kalau ye pun nak tukar plan.. bagila adil. Barula pengguna tak marah .

A message from Maxis CEO Morten to our customers
There have been many questions about our plans lately and we’d like you to hear from us. Join our CEO Morten and Head of Consumer Business Dushyan as they address some of your questions.
Posted by Maxis on Friday, April 8, 2016
Hi, I am Morten, CEO of Maxis. With me is Dushyan, Head of Consumer Business. We want to talk to you about some updates on our MaxisONE Plan.
We are committed to listen well to customers, not just to surveys and big numbers, but to individual customers. Lately, our call center and social media have been alive with many negative opinions on Maxis. Of course this has concerned us.
We have always been focused on offering unique products that excite people and we were the first to offer unlimited voice/sms, guarantees for zero bill shocks, and worry free roaming and free basic internet. 
But very recently the markets have moved on, focused on providing much more data. We have been preparing our own offerings but we have taken too much time because we wanted to add more great features than just more data. 
While we were developing these new plans, some individual customers had special plans offered to them. This has angered some of you and it also doesn’t fit with our company’s commitment to fairness and transparency. So, we were late in responding to you, and we treated individual customers differently and for that, we’re sorry
But we’re very excited about what we are doing now.
We will actually be launching our upgraded plans later this month, but I would like to now announce that all our existing One Plan customers will be automatically upgraded to much higher data quotas, and we mean MUCH HIGHER for the same price. For example, our MaxisONE customers with 1GB now will move to 5GB and customers with 3GB will now get 8GB. Unlike many other new plans in the market, we are not limiting these benefits to new customers but to all MaxisOne customers.
In addition to these quota upgrades, we will also be announcing further innovations that will enable our customers to do a lot more with their data on our network.
Similar changes will also happen to our Maxis One Business customers.
This enhanced plan will be available later this month, but to tide you over until then, all principal One plan customers will benefit from enjoying free 3GB starting next week.
We’ll remain focused on our priorities, the best network, great customer service and great value and we will be even better and quicker to deliver on this from now on. But finally, now with our new plans, there has never been a better time to be with Maxis. 
Thanks you for listening. Now, we’ll get back to work. Bye for now.

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  1. Hmm. Maxis dah. Digi bila.lagi.

  2. Maxis broadband dahlah ada gst pastu line macam siput terkedek kedek...nak terminate macam rugi sebab baru bayar rm150 utk registration bln 2 ritu.. opss, ter emo pulak..hehehe

  3. Maxis ni caj dia mahal..tu ramai beralih arah..saya pun pernah guna maxis tapi dah tukar ke Digi, rasa lagi berbaloi..bayar RM78 dapat 7gb..unlimited call..line pun clear..

  4. i sekarang guna celcom first gold mmg takda masalah guna plan first gold
    wlpn org ckp celcom mahal tapi celcom bnyk benefit sprt 10GB free internet for weekend..mmg bagus guan ni

  5. better celcom plan first gold skrg ni mmg ramai dh guna celcom apatah lagi skrg celcom first gold dorg jual dlm rm80 je ...saya lebih selesa guna celcom first gold more other plan

  6. yap saya juga pakai celcom first gold mmg ok maxis bnyk sgt problem..skrg saya dh berhijrah ke celcom first gold

  7. celcom first gold boleh carry forward, unlimited call & sms , and celcom first gold 10GB lagi banyak dan setahu i skrg tgh murah plan first gold dalam rm80 harga asl 100 maybe promotion until end month may..

  8. Promote Celcom nampak....

    Digi pun tak kurang hebatnya hahahahh Apa-apa pun say no to Maxis. Biar la dia syok sendiri dengan pakej entah apa-apa itu


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