Damage Free Ways to Dress Up Your Rental

Damage Free Ways to Dress Up Your Rental

Damage Free Ways to Dress Up Your Rental

Your home can be cluttered and messy due to lack of storage space. Adding furniture or accessories which can help with storage as well as making a statement is a good idea to get rid of the messy looked house , and some example can be seen in iproperty. . Hooks are your best friend as they are perfect for hanging clothes, towels, belts, purses, necklaces, coats, and any other things you can hang. Lots of them are designed to stand heavy loads too. Other than hooks, under the bed storage can be a great choice if you use it wisely. Wall mounted shelves can help your living space to gain extra storage. They As every renter knows, the limitations of a typical rental contract can be really frustrating as you need to think twice before making over your living space. So, while paying your rent on time, it is important to make sure that your place is personalized and stylish without costing a lot of time or money. And, you will leave with your security deposit intact when it is time to move out. Here are some damage free ways to dress up your rental like you own it but without getting into any trouble. 

1. Stickers
Using stickers to jazz up the walls is one of the excellent ideas. Over the year, more and more products that are removable have been introduced to the public and most importantly it won't risk your security deposit when you move out. So, instead of sacrificing style, you can dress up your space temporarily. Washi Tape is one of the examples. The price is inexpensive and bold, and totally fun. It can be used to dress up walls, furniture, or any other things you can think up. It can easily be added and peeled off and a great way to decorate your wall without damaging the paint underneath.

2. Green living
Green is a colour that can make your living room shine. Adding plants and flowers to your kitchen and living room give an instant lift to any space. Houseplants can be very useful in dressing up your living space whether by hanging a pot from a ceiling hook or placing a plant stand in front of your bare walls. Don’t just limit your plants to the living room, they can be placed in your bathroom too as many plants such as cacti, love the climate of a warm room and bloom in bathroom spaces. 

3. Storage
can be installed easily and fit into a number of places. Importantly, good for future moves.

4. Window Covering
The dirty old curtains or depressing vertical blinds is another area where rentals always seem to be sorely lacking. It can be upgraded to fresh curtains which are inexpensive or with simple roller blinds but look great. 

5. Light Fixtures
Playing around with the lighting is a great idea to dress up a living space. Try to avoid using the overhead lights as they can be hideous and unappealing sometimes. Focus on growing your collection of trendy floor and table lamps instead. You will never go wrong by investing in some table lamps which can be placed in a hall or on a side table. These table lamps can create a homely feel and some added character and personality to your space. 

6. Artwork
Paper Taxidermy is a creative DIY way to decorate your space inexpensively and without putting your security deposit at risk. Nowadays, cheap, animal-friendly, and fun colourful paper taxidermy is a growing trend with kits increasingly available for purchase at local art suppliers. Your living space will become more attractive and interesting.  An added advantage is that they are light in weight and easily mountable. Besides that, photos are an inexpensive art features and a wonderful artwork. You can get cheap prints of your travelling photos or scenery photos and that would be perfect artwork for your rental walls. 

7. Mirrors
Mirrors are the best artwork that matches the rest of your design. You can have a framed floor mirror which can help to reflect and create light throughout your living space. Your space will be brighter and larger afterwards. Go for some metallic framed mirror in silver or gold as they will instantly add drama to any space. 

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