Moist Lips With Nivea Soft Rose Lipsbalm

NIVEA ,Moist Lips With Nivea Soft Rose Lipsbalm .
Moist Lips With Nivea Soft Rose Lipsbalm| Hye Guys.. Today i wanna share with you about how to keep your lips moist. Well like ualls know, curenntly in Malaysia is hot weather. Thats will make your skin and lips dry if u less drink Mineral water. And if you have dry lips, u must try i this lips balm! NIVEA  SoftRose lips balm or Essential care Or choice whice one  like you want !

Actually I prefer lip balms that comes with this kind of packaging compared to tubs, where you have to dip your fingers and then apply your lip balm, it's like, what will you do with the excess lip balm on your finger? :P

Nivea Soft Rose Lips Balm will keep your lips be moist and not dry. What i like from this Nivea Lips Balm is ; Cause Nice smell , good packaging sticky and small (easy put your poket or bag ) moisturizes lips quite well, No weird taste, Doesn't leave any greazy look. And you know , When worn, my lips feel soft and moisturized, but not greasy. So Awesome ! Easy use it ,just twist white part and  then you use the lipsbalm. 

With once application at your lips and your lips keep moist . Not need touch  everytime on your lips , just one time only.  Easy it ! 

Let's try ! Yesterday i buy this Nivea Soft Rose and Nivea essential Care with price  only rm8.80 for every piece. This more cheap's than ussualy price , cause mybe Guardian big sale's . Hehehe


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