Buying a home-Consider these costs

Buying a home-Consider these costs

Buying a home of your choice can be overwhelming, to say the least. The excitement of finally finding the one house from the vast houses for sale in Selangor to call your own is unparalleled. Nevertheless, some future homeowners disregard closing costs until the last minute, which can lead to lots of stress. Here is a quick checklist of a few of the expenses you should keep in mind during this memorable experience.

Buying a good home of your choice takes a considerable amount of personal experience making realtors with a high amount of experience precious, or even an individual who is buying more than just their first home will be in a greater boat than a first-time buyer. Even with a realtor, or personal experience, just like the hunter, a customer needs knowledge and more importantly, a plan.


A home inspection is a vital tool for the new buyer, as it can provide you with some peace of mind regarding the status of your new home. Home inspection identifies any structural, water, and electrical damage, and allows you to know what you are getting into and budget accordingly. Furthermore, if an inspector discovers a plumbing problem or other household issue, then you can prepare financially for future maintenance. As a result, the upkeep will not come as a surprise later on.


Insurance is necessary to protect your home in case of flood or fire damage. Insurance coverage varies depending on what type of policy you buy. There are many packages and numerous insurance companies available, so make sure to do plenty of research. Compare costs and choose the best one for your situation. One thing to remember is that insurance is an annual cost, so add it to your yearly budget.

Additionally, do not forget title insurance. Title insurance protects you from issues arising from incorrect signatures on documents, forgery, or other title defects that may result in financial loss. Furthermore, if the previous owner had any permit violations, then you will not be held responsible for them.


Financial institutions may require a home appraisal before approving your loan. This is a regular practice. Keep in mind that appraisers are licensed professionals by individual states, and some lenders do have an appraiser on staff. If you are not comfortable having your lender provide you with an appraiser, feel free to hire someone who does not have any ties. Appraisal costs vary depending on your state of residence - the best person to advise you on this task is your realtor.

Moving Day Costs

Expenses incurred on moving day can be some of the highest expenses you pay when moving into a new home. Some people forget to set aside finances for painters, locksmiths, and new kitchen appliance installations. How much are professional movers going to charge? Are you hiring someone to touch-up the driveway, yard, and renovate the landscaping before moving in? These are all things you need to keep in mind when reaching the closing phase of buying your new home.

Other costs include the following:
- PLC (Preferential Location Charges): If anyone has particular preferences while buying an apartment, may have to pay PLC to the developer. While not all developers ask for such charges, many do. So if you want to buy an apartment which is on the 3rd floor, for example, you may be charged extra. In most cases, it is as much as 4% of the base price of the apartment that is being bought, though this might vary with developers.

- External Development Charges (EDC): Not all, but many developers would charge extra if the complex has facilities like swimming pool, kid's play area, gymnasium, etc. Many people wouldn't have considered these while evaluating the purchase price. So it is recommended to get the details of the extra charges and then determining the asking price.

- Registration Charges: While this charge is mandatory for most states, the rates can vary according to the municipality, where the apartment or complex is located. Home buyers may also have to pay a stamp duty, so it is best to know in details about all the extra/ mandatory charges before deciding to buy a home in any residential projects.

- Maintenance Charges: The recent and upcoming housing complex is provided with all kinds of modern facilities so that charges of maintaining these are a bit high. Many developers would collect these charges for two years in advance. So home buyers should be aware of this. Everything from the generator back-up, to swimming pool, gymnasium, etc. is included within this maintenance charges.

Buying a new home is an exhilarating experience, and when you reach the closing cost phase, you are narrowing in on moving day. Finding a trustworthy and experienced agent to assist you throughout the entire process will make your transition into a new home much easier. When you find an experienced realtor who can provide ample information about your home, the neighborhood, other homes in the area, and local schools, you will be able to focus on the positive thoughts regarding buying your new home and all it entails.

These are just some expenses that you must consider before buying a house. It is important to consider these costs before the actual purchase of that next house, so you are financially prepared to cover these extra items

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I'm thinking about buying a house, but some developer take advantage on government project. The buyer need to pay more even actually its not necessary.
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Buying a house is a big commitment.. Every aspects need to be considered carefully..with our living economy conditions and the housing prices nowadays.. careful thought is definitely needed..
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yeah , that's true . but every years price house increase more to be expensive . If not now buy .. when ? maybe next years we can't guess they price
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